Why do Personnel Assessments?

Progressive organizations are preparing for unprecedented change brought about by globalization, competition and technology. Regardless of economic conditions, competition for top talent has never been greater. The organizations that endure will be those that learn that managing performance of their employees is the equivalent of managing the bottom line.

According to recent research the cost of hiring the wrong person could be as high as ten times their annual salary. While hiring the “right” people is important, promoting the right people is central to the long-term health of an organization.

Do you use research-based tools and proven processes to help you make the best hiring decisions? For example, would you take a chance on hiring or promoting a sales candidate without relying on tools based on groundbreaking research on sales employees?

Facts you should know

  • Studies suggest that over 50% of the work force may be in jobs that are not suited to who they are and what they value.
  • A 1998 Michigan University Study proved that interviews are only 14% accurate in selecting high performers.
  • Wall Street Journal reported that over 50% of hires from Executive Recruiters don’t last 2 years.

Many companies have added background checks to their hiring process, but not enough  businesses use assessments when hiring people. Background checks help you minimize the chances of a bad hire, while behavioral style, personal interests, attitudes and values, and talent assessments help maximize the chances of a great hire. When you utilize a certified professional behavioral analyst (CPBA) trained in the use of instruments, along with behavioral interviewing and other techniques that are highly correlated with predicting job performance, you significantly increase your odds of making great hires. A CPBA who, in addition, has extensive hiring experience will detail the implications of interrelated issues that may not be apparent in the interview process. Finally, the CPBA provides an objective perspective that can be a helpful addition to the perceptions of the hiring team.

Behavioral Style Analysis- (DISC report)

Combining our leading-edge Behavioral Style Reports with analysis by certified professionals, you can make the best hiring decisions and leverage the talent in your workplace by understanding the styles of people. Computers have manuals- Why not people? Let us show you how you can use our personalized reports to improve morale, increase productivity, and create personal development plans and win-win solutions for everyone.

Workplace Motivators

Using the power of our proprietary Workplace Motivators Reports you can place the right people in the right jobs and motivate them to achieve more for your organization. Values are the drivers behind our behavior; what motivates our actions. These reports help you hire better and identify values of individuals and teams to reduce conflicts, increase talent retetions, improve efficiency and productivity, and energize your group to work together for common goals. Understanding motivators with reduce turnover, get enormous cost improvements and increase satisfaction of stake holders.

Sample of the combined Behaviors and Motivators Report

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