CEOs – Free yourself to do the things you should be and want to be doing. Develop the power of your Second-in-Command.

As the “first in command” of your company would you like to spend 80% of your time doing what you do best?

The Noise Reduction System™ was created by Larry G. Linne from the book, Make the Noise Go Away – The Power of An Effective Second in Command”.

Business “first in commands” are finding the noise to be overwhelming in their lives and their businesses.  The typical first in command spends less than 20% of his/her time doing what brings the greatest value to the organization.Reading the book is insightful and gives good ideas.  However, real change and execution comes through a more intense and thorough understanding and application of the principles.  The Noise Reduction System™ provides this understanding and adds the elements of working with other second in commands to see true behavior change. First and second in commands will eliminate noise when a second in command goes through this program.  Many have found this system to be life changing-

  • FIC (First in Command):       “Freedom to Grow”
  • SIC (Second in Command):    “Freedom to Act”

Click here for a couple minute video on how First-in Commands can make the noise go away.

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